I have attended multiple camps and each time I come back with a better knowledge of the game, an improved skill set, and a greater love for the sport. The 6/8 Challenge, shooting, and position skill work improved my game immensely. The opportunity to meet and receive feedback from Olympians is one of kind and a very valuable experience for any age. All the coaches are approachable, encouraging, and supportive. Tony continues to be a mentor to me even after the camp.
Helena BateyAthlete at the Winter Academy 2017
The Academy was probably one of the most memorable, impactful and potentially life changing experiences of Justin’s life. The way you both spoke to all of the students, with kindness and respect, immediately put him at ease. And the personalized attention and positive reinforcement throughout the weekend, served to build him up so much and inspire him to give his all to every session. He has learnt so much from the three days spent with you, and has developed a real passion for the sport, for fitness and for leading a healthy, balanced life. You are both inspirational and he cannot wait to put what he has learnt into practice in the pool.
Sally BeatsMother of 2017 Winter Academy Participant
Natalie gave rave reviews of the Summer Academy. It was a fantastic exposure to what campus life will look like down the road. One of the big messages that I heard from her was when she talked to one of the club coaches about the different camps she has gone to: She told him, “the reason that I like the Azevedo camps the best is that everyone competes with each other rather than against each other. People cheer each other on”. Magic, yes?
Kim EllstromMother of 2018 Summer Academy Participant
My son has attended five water polo clinics/camps in the last year and he enjoyed the Azevedo Academy the most. The coaching staff of Tony & Rico Azevedo, Merrill Moses and Brenda Villa was the best. When Tony was in the water demonstrating skills and techniques and also during his talks with the players, his passion and love for water polo were apparent and infectious. Tony is inspirational and made my son believe that if he works hard, he can achieve his dreams. This belief is the key to succeeding in athletics as well as in life. My son is definitely looking forward to attending the next Academy.
Dennis KnausFather of 2016 Winter Academy Participant
I got my money’s worth and then some. The clinic was very well organized and the coaches had great control over the young athletes. They gave personalized feedback to each athlete, thus helping them improve and learn. What I appreciated the most was the fact that they did not just teach them skills but also showed how to adapt a healthy lifestyle and attitude towards the sport and life in general, though personal life stories and specific examples. I would highly recommend this and other similar events organized by this team. You definitely know how to handle young athletes and get the best out of them.
Angelo KotzambasisFather of 2016 Winter Academy Participant
I wanted to say how grateful I am that the Azevedo Academy donated a spot in the clinic to USA Water Polo. The opportunity this donation provided me with was fantastic! I can't say enough about how much I learned. Although tough, having four days in the pool to build on was really super. For me as a goalie, the highlight was spending so much time in the water with Merrill Moses. He not only improved my technique but gave me the chance to play with the guys and face more difficult and different shots that I had ever faced before.
Rachel Anderson2016 Winter Academy Participant
This was Liam's third clinic with Tony and the clinics are just getting better with each time he attends. I love how hands-on all the coaches are and how well organized everything is. Liam always learns a lot and has a blast. The one-on-one attention that all these athletes get from some of the best water polo players in the world can't be found anywhere else. Liam got to play with Tony Azevedo and Brett Bonnani, as well as the opportunity to score on Merrill Moses and he will never forget that experience. Thank you for an amazing clinic and see you at the next one!
Anne McDonaldMother of 2016 Winter Academy Participant
Throughout all of the camps that my daughter has attended (may be more than 10 of them) Tony’s camp was the best. It is not only very inspirational but also very practical in regards to both sports and lifestyle. After this camp, my daughter is a more focused student at school, willing to put more effort into her training, and is also following a healthier lifestyle by choosing her food carefully and downsizing portions. I am so grateful for this camp, it helped my daughter achieve things that I was having difficulty getting her to do. Most of all, my daughter loved it because it was so much fun and she can't wait to attend again next year. Sara was also very helpful and responsive throughout the registration process. Thanks again, for sure you will see us at the next clinic!
Meilan LiuMother of 2016 Winter Academy Participant
Lauren thoroughly enjoyed the Academy and meeting new players. It was fantastic to see so many of the best water polo players and coaches in the world on deck and in the water with the players. We really got a lot from the talks about good nutrition, time with the trainer, dry land workouts, and advice about balancing sport with other interests and school. Hearing from Tony and Brenda that it is possible to have a thorough high school experience, and still stay focused and achieve longterm goals was very inspirational. Having multiple days of constant interaction with the coaches meant plenty of time to focus on different skills, and an invaluable amount of individual feedback for each player. Best of all, it was a great combination of competition and fun. Thank you so much!
Jen GaudryMother of 2016 Winter Academy Participant
Cian came back super motivated and has started going to the gym to fit in a workout before school (15yrs old getting up at 5:15am). Water polo has always been his passion but he now feels the sport will play a big part in his college life. Yes he would attend another Academy, he was impressed with all the really great coaching, especially Tony, and felt Tony connected with the kids really well.
Andrea ConcannonMother of 2016 Winter Academy Participant
What I enjoyed the most was the ambiance, and the passion for the sport that all the coaches had. I really liked that the staff were so nice with everybody and how they taught us so many things. As a player I learned how to shoot better, to works my leg more, and this will make me a better player. I also learned how important teamwork was. It was the best experience of my life in water polo. I learned so so so much and I would really really really like to go again!
Myriam Lizotte2016 Winter Academy Participant, from Canada
I enjoyed how all of these amazing water polo players got in the water with us each day and taught us, coached us and cheered for each of us. I enjoyed meeting so many other players and making many new friends. I got to learn so much about water polo as one part of a whole team. I will go to any and all future Academies that I can. So awesome!
Ava Donleavy2016 Winter Academy Participant
I really enjoyed the whole four days and wish it could have been even longer! I learned so much and got so much one-on-one attention as a goalie, which really helped me improve and learn new skills! I will definitely be coming back to the next Academy. I highly recommend this for any one wanting to improve their water polo skills.
Golsa Karimi2016 Winter Academy Participant