1. Is the Academy appropriate for goalies?

    Absolutely! 3-time Olympian, Silver Medalist and current Pepperdine Coach Merrill Moses will be in the water each day training the goalies, based on a special goalie-specific curriculum.
  2. What ages is the Academy for?

    The Academy is open to all ages, as we believe age is less important than skill, passion and the desire to work hard. Participants must already play water polo and be completely water-safe.
  3. I am already in college. Does it make sense for me to still attend?

    Yes! The Academy is designed to be high-level and challenging, and is appropriate for college-level players. The Academy can be exactly what you need to step up your game and help your team reach the next level and achieve greater success. During the college preparation speech, you can feel free to chat with Tony or one of the other coaches on an individual basis to ask your own questions.
  4. Will lunch be provided?

    Lunch is not included in the price of the camp, but we offer the opportunity to purchase gourmet lunch boxes catered by Chef Paul of Primal Alchemy. There will be a unique menu for each day and the cost is $20 per lunch, or $80 for all four days.
  5. Are scholarships available?

    We offer three scholarships per clinic, based on a first-come, first-serve basis. In order to apply for a scholarship, we require that you write an essay about what water polo means to you and why you wish to attend the Academy. Please send your complete essay to sara@azevedowaterpolo.com
  6. Can I pay in installments?

    We try to be flexible when it comes to the one-time payment. If this applies to you, please email Sara at sara@azevedowaterpolo.com for more information.
  7. Will participants receive one-on-one attention?

    Of course! One of the reasons we limit clinic attendance is to keep it personal and make sure each attendee receives one-on-one attention. Tony will be in the water each day with the athletes, and there will also be a stellar group of co-coaches on deck to make sure no one gets lost in the crowd.
  8. Why is the Academy different than other clinics?

    The Academy is designed to be a full water polo and life experience that will inspire, motivate, inform and mold the future great American water polo athletes.
  9. As a parent, can I come observe?

    Parents are welcome to observe as much as they would like! In fact, we encourage you to stick around to hear the lunchtime talks and especially to watch the Tony Azevedo Tournament on the last day.
  10. Can coaches attend?

    Coaches who bring 5 or more athletes from their club are welcome to attend for free. Otherwise, there is a fee of $50 per day. Please email sara@azevedowaterpolo.com for more information.
  11. Can I film during the clinic?

    For legal reasons, we ask that you do not film at any time during the clinic. But you are welcome to take as many photos as you would like.
  12. Are sibling discounts available?

    Yes, we offer 10% off the price of registration for each additional sibling. You will be able to sign up multiple siblings within the registration process.