The Academy

Tony’s water polo school is different than any clinic or camp currently available. The Academy is a comprehensive experience that inspires, motivates, and molds the future great American water polo athletes. The Academy consists of daily sessions both in and out of the pool that will change the way you think about water polo and your future. Here are some of the highlights.

New! The Combine

At the Summer Academy 2017 Tony & Adam will introduce their first Combine. A Combine is combination of certain sport specific conditioning drills to determine speed, strength and skill level. The Academy team will run 6-8 water polo specific drills where participants will be videoed and have their times recorded. The results will be added to an online database for all athletes to see and compare stats.

Intense water polo training

Designed from Tony’s many years as both a member of the USA National Team and as a professional player abroad in Europe and South America. This means innovative techniques and unique drills that you haven’t seen before. You will learn how to keep current with trends that young athletes are using in the water polo powerhouse countries such as Hungary and Serbia.

Physical preparation and therapy

One of the men who most shaped Tony’s water polo career is his long-time trainer Kenny Schroeder. He will be on deck to show you the exercises he taught Tony as a young player that he credits with allowing him to have a long career with minimal injuries. Kenny will also talk about physical therapy techniques that can be used before and after training to strengthen the small muscles and help heal.


Tony knows from experience that understanding nutrition at a young age can be difficult. He will provide you will detailed guidelines on how to nourish your body to prepare for training, and how to build healthy habits that will last your entire sports career and beyond.

Exposure to coaches

If you are serious about playing water polo in college, it’s essential to be seen by coaches and to make the right contacts in the college water polo circuit. Coaches from many different universities will be invited to the Academy, to both observe players and take part in the general curriculum. You will be able to ask questions, get first-hand advice, and showcase your talent where it matters.


Learn more about the application process and about finding the right college for you, both for academics and sports. Tony’s wife Sara and her sister Amy will be on deck to help answer questions and give valuable advice on how to deal with the pressure of applying to college. You will learn how to focus on the most important aspects of the research, work and time management that will make the whole process easier for both you and your family.

Life coaching and planning

As a young player, Tony was inspired by talking to current Olympians and learning from their stories. The Academy will feature several of the most relevant water polo athletes (men, women and goalies) who will lead you both in and out of the pool. You will be able to ask them questions and hear about how they overcame their own personal obstacles.

Join one of our Academies

The Academy consists of daily sessions both in and out of the pool that will change the way you think about water polo and your future.

Summer Academy 2018

5 Day Duration (overnight) $995.00 overnight/ $795 day-only UCLA (Los Angeles)

The Summer Academy is a five-day (and overnight) clinic that will take place at UCLA in Los Angeles. This intense clinic will offer participants a once-in-a-lifetime chance to rapidly elevate their water polo games. Tony is partnered with Adam Wright, Head Men's & Women's Coach at UCLA, to create an event where athletes will learn invaluable skills in and out of the water, build important networking connections for college and beyond, and create lasting friendships.

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Winter Academy 2018

4 Day Duration $TBD December 27-30; Ocean View HS, Huntington Beach, CA

The Winter Academy is an intense, four-day clinic that introduces participants to international drills, unique training concepts, and essential lifestyle fundamentals. The clinic will also focus on several out-of-the-water topics such as nutrition, physical therapy, college admissions, networking with coaches and more - helping form more well-rounded and successful young athletes.

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