Elevate Your Water Polo Game Our elite water polo clinics offer young athletes the chance to learn invaluable skills in and out of the water. The Academy is a comprehensive experience that will inspire, motivate, and mold the future great American water polo athletes.

Upcoming Academies

Winter Academy 2018

4 Day Duration $675 December 27-30; Ocean View HS, Huntington Beach, CA

The Winter Academy is an intense, four-day clinic that introduces participants to specialized drills, unique training concepts, and essential lifestyle fundamentals. The clinic will also focus on several out-of-the-water topics such as nutrition, physical therapy, college admissions, networking with coaches and more - helping form more well-rounded and successful young athletes.

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Summer Academy 2019

5 Day Duration (overnight) $995.00 overnight/ $795 day-only UCLA Campus (Los Angeles)

The Summer Academy is a five-day (and overnight) clinic that takes place at UCLA. This intense clinic will offer participants a once-in-a-lifetime chance to rapidly elevate their water polo games. Tony is partnered with Adam Wright, Head Men's & Women's Coach at UCLA, to create an event where athletes will learn invaluable skills in and out of the water, build important networking connections for college and beyond, and create lasting friendships.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What ages is the Academy for? The Academy is open to all ages, as we believe age is less important than skill, passion and the des...
I am already in college. Does it make sense for me to still attend? Yes! The Academy is designed to be high-level and challenging, and is appropriate for college-level ...
Can I film during the clinic? For legal reasons, we ask that you do not film at any time during the clinic. But you are welcome to...

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My son has attended five water polo clinics/camps in the last year and he enjoyed the Azevedo Academy the most. The coaching staff of Tony & Rico Azevedo, Merrill Moses and Brenda Villa was the best. When Tony was in the water demonstrating skills and techniques and also during his talks with the players, his passion and love for water polo were apparent and infectious. Tony is inspirational and made my son believe that if he works hard, he can achieve his dreams. This belief is the key to succeeding in athletics as well as in life. My son is definitely looking forward to attending the next Academy. Dennis Knaus Father of 2016 Winter Academy Participant
Throughout all of the camps that my daughter has attended (may be more than 10 of them) Tony’s camp was the best. It is not only very inspirational but also very practical in regards to both sports and lifestyle. After this camp, my daughter is a more focused student at school, willing to put more effort into her training, and is also following a healthier lifestyle by choosing her food carefully and downsizing portions. I am so grateful for this camp, it helped my daughter achieve things that I was having difficulty getting her to do. Most of all, my daughter loved it because it was so much fun and she can't wait to attend again next year. Sara was also very helpful and responsive throughout the registration process. Thanks again, for sure you will see us at the next clinic! Meilan Liu Mother of 2016 Winter Academy Participant
Lauren thoroughly enjoyed the Academy and meeting new players. It was fantastic to see so many of the best water polo players and coaches in the world on deck and in the water with the players. We really got a lot from the talks about good nutrition, time with the trainer, dry land workouts, and advice about balancing sport with other interests and school. Hearing from Tony and Brenda that it is possible to have a thorough high school experience, and still stay focused and achieve longterm goals was very inspirational. Having multiple days of constant interaction with the coaches meant plenty of time to focus on different skills, and an invaluable amount of individual feedback for each player. Best of all, it was a great combination of competition and fun. Thank you so much! Jen Gaudry Mother of 2016 Winter Academy Participant

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